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What We Do

Tailor Made Business Tools

We provide a wide range of tools that help the modern businessman to conduct himself in the international business arena.

Cultural IQ will tailor tutorials, workshops, seminars, and even personal meetings on a variety of topics that exactly match your needs and requirements.

Cultural Workshops

Connect with trained professionals across the world with localized knowledge who can guide you through your cultural conundrums. Rather than just focusing on soft skills and interpersonal skills, our cultural workshops will help you and your team gain a greater understanding and appreciation for their heritage. This will not only make it easier for you and your organization to communicate with them but will also help you to gain their trust.

Cultural Networking

Let’s face it unless you are blessed with the “gift of the gab”, networking is nowhere near the top of your list of favorite things. No more stuffy networking events connect with like-minded others at whisky tastings, sports viewing, and more.

Business meeting with cross cultural participants

Cultural IQ 

Cultural IQ is a specialist cross-cultural consultancy and training company


Our cross-cultural consultancy and training services are designed to help companies and organizations develop cultural intelligence, enabling them to successfully navigate different cultural contexts.
We work with our clients to develop customized solutions that respond to the specific needs of their organization.

Our goal is to create a learning tool environment that is engaging, interactive, and most importantly, effective in preparing individuals to work in multicultural settings.

Our Services

Localized, Global Knowledge

At Cultural IQ, we offer effective and efficient services that are designed to connect trained professionals from around the world with localized knowledge that can guide you through any cultural conundrums you face.

One on One

Our one-on-one training sessions are designed to help corporate leaders and executives with presentation skills and cross-cultural training.

Group Training Workshops

The workshops are for 5 to 10 people and include:

  • Cultural networking

  • Business English training

  • Cultural awareness training

  • Presentation skills

business building with glass walls

Coming Soon

Cultural IQ application

Where culture and business meet!

We specialize in helping companies and individuals bridge the gap between cultures and business, so you can succeed in today's global marketplace.
The Cultural IQ application will take
your cultural awareness to the next level.

Our Blog

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